Meet CORE’s New Social Media Intern!

A Little About Me

Hi all! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Rachel Frye and I am the Social Media Intern at CORE! I am senior Communications major at Penn State Behrend and I have certificates in Social Media, Public Relations and Advertising. Ideally some day I would like to be a Social Media Manager at a company or business.


My Role at CORE

As the Social Media Intern, my first official job was to create flyers, a brochure, and a social media advertisement for CORE’s open house on January 20th. These flyers explained the different services that CORE provides, including Community Outreach, Research, and Evaluation. I had so much fun taking the information that needed to be on the flyers and brochure and using my creativity to design them. Creating the social media advertisement was something that I hadn’t done before but I truly enjoyed playing around with different designs and figuring out how I was going to put them together.


CORE’s Open House

The team at CORE held an open house on Friday, January 20th to show Penn State Behrend students, faculty, and the Erie community the “new face of CORE”. After their strategic planning, the team at CORE was excited to showcase their skills and work to interested parties. This was the perfect “first” event for me to attend being that I just started as an intern here and I wanted to learn more about CORE as a whole.

It was a successful open house – full of smiling faces, enriching conversations, and budding professional relationships. There was tons of delicious food at the open house along with mugs, glasses, pens, and chocolates that were being handed out to all attendees. Over 40 people made an appearance at the open house – including students, faculty, and staff from Behrend, community members and representatives from local organizations, and family members of CORE staff. Many people were mingling with others to get to know one another. The atmosphere was very bright, welcoming and everyone that came seemed thrilled to be there and excited to learn more about CORE. I personally got to talk to many of the faculty and staff at CORE who I hadn’t met before. When I spoke with Dr. Nicole Rosen at the event, she couldn’t help but say how happy she was with the way things turned out.

Also at the open house were the final product of the flyers, brochure, and the social media tickets. They were all in a folder for visitors to take and learn more about CORE. The flyers, brochure, and social media tickets looked great and it was something that I was proud to say that I completed to the best of my ability.


Looking to the Future

In my first couple of weeks at CORE, I have learned a lot about the organization and how CORE can help each and every one of us. This organization is a very welcoming, caring, and professional environment and I am so thrilled to be an intern here! I am looking forward to working along side everyone at CORE and I am very excited to see what the rest of the semester will bring!


*If you missed the open house, no worries! Feel free to email [email protected] or call (814) 898-6297 and someone at CORE can catch you up to speed!



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