Mentoring and Mother’s Wisdom

Written by Taylor Morris

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take this post to provide you with a little bit of background information about myself and why I am blogging about the Mentor Project at Penn State Behrend. My name is Taylor Morris and I’m a Psychology major here at Behrend. I have been a part of the mentor program since the spring semester of 2015. More recently, I was offered an incredible opportunity to be the student intern for the program and help with organization and recruitment to assist Dr. Rosen and Dr. Nixon in making this program that best that it can be.

Mentoring as a Means of Giving Back

I started mentoring for numerous reasons. One of the most influential was probably the importance of giving back that was instilled in my life and my own personal values from early on. Growing up, myimg_3084 mom always reminded my siblings and I of how lucky we were to have the life we did. Whether it was the resources we had access to, the education I was able to receive, or the incredible support and family system I had to fall back on, she made sure that we felt gratitude for things normally taken for granted. By doing this, she also wanted us to recognize how other children and families may not get the same chances we did. She made me realize how crucial it is for those of us who are fortunate enough to give back to our communities and to make a difference wherever we can. It’s been a part of my experience that helping others achieve their goals and realize their potential is just as important as achieving my goals and tapping into my own potential.

What’s to Come

img_3578Throughout this blog, I and other mentors will be posting experiences we’ve had, tips we’ve found useful, problems we’ve encountered, and happiness we’ve felt along the way during our time in the Mentor Project at Behrend. We will also be sharing resources for others who want to help create positive change and opportunities for youth. So whether you’re reading this as a student, faculty, educator, mentor, or simply looking for a way to procrastinate, I genuinely hope the information we share can help others who are trying to make a difference.


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