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As a subcommittee of the Erie County Policy & Planning Council for Children and Families (PPC), PYD utilizes the 40 Developmental Asset framework developed by the Search Institute. PYD works to address the priority protective factors. PYD related activities and functions aim to empower youth by promoting and sustaining these protective factors and building relevant skills.

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For more information contact:

  • Abigail Biebel, B.S., PYD Coordinator, Phone: 814-898-6297, Email: [email protected]
  • James Hodge, Ph.D. Candidate, Director of Evaluation & PYD Coordinator, Phone: 814-898-6297, Email: [email protected]


Positive Youth Development Framework

Positive Youth Development is a framework developed by Dr. Richard M. Lerner, the Director of Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tuffs University.

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